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Hiring a Foundation Repair Company: 5 Key Considerations

If your foundation is showing signs of crumbling, it’s vital that you have it repaired as soon as possible. Foundation problems tend to get worse over time, meaning considerably higher repair costs later, so they should never be ignored. An expert foundation repair contractor can fix your foundation issues, helping you save lots of money and also increasing the value of your home.

But how do you select the right contractor if you have not worked with this kind before? The following are some of the most important considerations to make when hiring a foundation repair company:

Years in business

When it comes to foundation repair contractors, it’s important to consider how long they’ve been in business. You want to entrust your foundation repair work to a company with the right experience, as the work is by no means cheap. Also get to know about the kind of training the employees go through. Ask to see certificates and other documents showing proof of proper training or qualification.

Contractor’s methods

You’ll want to know about the methods your prospective contractor uses in their repair work. So do a bit of research on the techniques used by companies in foundation repair before you speak to any company. Consider what system would be best for the conditions that will be found underneath your structure. After examining the pros and cons for each, you may choose your preferred method. You may then reach out to only those companies that employ the methods you prefer.

Check for insurance

It is vital that the foundation repair company you work with is properly insured. Find out if the company has both workers’ comp and liability insurance. This guarantees that you’re covered, should any accident occur on site. So ask for the certificate of insurance, and make sure that it’s issued directly from the insurance provider.


A professional contractor needs to stand behind their services and products. It’s important that you’re issued with a solid guarantee, considering that something may go wrong in the foundation repair job. It needs to be a limited lifetime warranty that’s transferable.

Customer reviews

Without checking out customer reviews, your homework isn’t complete. Although a good recommendation could suffice, reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to find out about a contractor’s reputation. Lots of customers today can share their experiences with other customers, and by reading through those experiences, you can get a good picture of what to expect from a particular contractor. Besides reviews, you’ll also want to check out the contractor’s profile on the BBB. See if customers have lodged any complaints against the contractor, and what steps the contractor took to address those complaints.
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